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Эссе по английскому моя лучшая подруга

Friends are very important in our life. I эссе по английскому моя лучшая подруга you cannot live without friends. A friend is a person who is always there for you. Your close friend or best friend BF as people call him or her is a person whom you can trust with everything no matter what happens.

Your true friend is always ready to help you, to support you if you do something wrong and to solve problems together with you. I think it is really so. A friend is someone whom you can call ten years after no calling at all and he or she will be glad to hear you. A friend respects your decisions and is sympathetic to you. I can find way with people so I have a lot of aсquaintances but very few friends.

I эссе по английскому моя лучшая подруга my close friends and, I think, they love me too. My best friends are not my classmates and they are a little bit older than me. I would like to tell you about my best friend Natalie.

Сочинение 0231. (A). Моя лучшая подруга Карина

She is … years old. She is not my classmate as I have already told. We have known each other for. We live in one block of apartments. Our parents are friends too. She has very good relations with her parents. I think, Natalie is a pretty girl. We are not alike. Her appearance is different.

  • Я так рада, что у меня такая подруга, как Оля, и я надеюсь, что мы никогда не поссоримся и всё время будем вместе;
  • All the subjects seem to come easy to her;
  • Warm-hearted and gentle, quiet and well-bred.

She is rather tall and slim. She has oval face and эссе по английскому моя лучшая подруга dark brown hair. Her nose is straight. She has very beautiful grey eyes with thick eyelashes. Natalie has a perfect smile. My best friend is a very kind, good and sympathetic person. She is always ready to help people around her. She is quiet, gentle and well-bred. But at the same time she is very funny and has good sense of humour.

She knows a lot of jokes and funny interesting stories. Natalie is the only child in her family.

  • I would like to tell you about my best friend;
  • She is always well-dressed;
  • Besides, she is fond of reading and really reads a lot;
  • Buffy, that is my best friend , you need to think about not-Parker.

Nevertheless she is not selfish. She is always well-dressed. Natalie prefers casual clothes — some jeans and a T-shirt. This style suits her a lot.

  1. Her family consist of 4 members.
  2. Мы не понимаем предательства и подлости.
  3. In class she is very attentive, we rarely talk to each other. По правде сказать, я думаю, ссоры — пустая трата времени.
  4. She is always well-dressed. My best friend is a very kind, good and sympathetic person.

All the subjects seem to come easy to her. In class she is very attentive, we rarely talk to each other. She is good at social studies and history.

  • She is … years old;
  • Adobe Flash Player версия 9 или выше требуется для воспроизведения этой аудиозаписи;
  • Мне очень нравится быть в компании Ольги.

She is also interested in music very much. She is also fond of reading books. She is extremely fond of doing sports.

Перевод "моя лучшая подруга" на английский

She plays table tennis and swims. Natalie is also a member of our school table tennis team. Natalie is going to become a doctor. Our future professions are different the same and the subjects that we will study are different the same too. But we will keep seeing each other. I hope she will make a good doctor.

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Natalie is the most wonderful person in the world. She thinks everything эссе по английскому моя лучшая подруга be all right. She is always cheerful, energetic and full of life. Natalie is very attentive to me. I can always count on her help. We spend much time together - go for a walk together discussing all sorts of things, go to the gym, do to concerts, cinemas, do shopping together, watch videos or listen to the music and chat, chat, chat.

Сочинение на английском языке Моя подруга/ My Friend с переводом на русский язык бесплатно

We always meet at the weekends. We have much in common. We both like psychology, dancing, English and sport. Natalie has some weak points — drawbacks. She can be very stubborn sometimes.

Моя подруга

But still she is very pleasant to deal with. You know, I miss her very often. Our friendship helps me to be strong and feel sure.

Топик 0742. (A). Моя лучшая подруга

If there is any misunderstanding between us we try to make peace at once. We have very much in common so we quarrel very seldom, just no reason for it. I am happy to have such a friend as Natalie. I am sure we shall be friends forever.